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Tiffany Stanford launched 7 dresses at The Midlands independent designers catwalk show

Tiffany Stanford has had an extensive life journey from international model and fashion designer, to an alcoholic, struggling with depression and anxiety and back again. Now a successful Mum, wife and business woman her journey has been long, eventful and fruitful.

Tiffany Stanford has been in the creative industry for over 30 years. During her career she has gone from beautician and hairdresser to become a successful business woman, fashion designer, model, author and image consultant.

Although surrounded by lots of love, Friends and family, she struggled for a long time with self-confidence and self- belief and that started a decline and slip into depression and chronic anxiety and alcoholism. Affected by body dismorphic disorder and other issues she fell into a spiral of alcohol abuse and things got worse.

Other life events such as being a victim of date rape, and drugged, led her self esteem lower and she found herself destroying herself and relationships through alcoholism for over 10 years. Falling deeper into severe clinical depression.

She did not give up. Always ambitious she kept pushing herself to achieve and become a success. Her attitutude, self development and the support she had around her helped her beat the booze and her social anxiety disorder.

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