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Do you want a modelling experience and don’t know where to start ?

Two leading experts and professionals from the fashion industry Jeanne Frith an ex Miss Birmingham and Tiffany Stanford an ex Miss Great Britain who between them have over 40 years experience in the modelling industry together run the successful workshops.
They say ‘ We welcome everybody to our workshops, we have designed and aimed them to help any age group, size, gender, personal background, religion and focus on self confidence and an insight into the modelling industry.’ We have helped many young people and adults who have experienced bullying, fighting cancer, self harmed, some of our clients have special needs, Autism and other mental health characteristics. Not all of our clients want a career in the modelling industry but  just want to have a modelling experience day!

Beauty Pageant Training

Modelling Workshop


Modelling Workshop

Learn from our team of fashion industry professionals

The UK's premier resource for young people who are interested in the world of creative fashion.


The Art of Fashion team are highly experienced and work hard to bring you the very best training and advice....

Wannabe Parties

Not just any party... Its a Wannabe Party
  • Children's Parties

  • Teenager's Parties

  • Adult Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Superhero Parties

  • Pets Parties

We are here to 


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