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Wannabe Workshops

  • I am 15 and would like to really thank the team at Wannabe Workshops. I attended a Model workshop and was treated so nicely. The team told me about how to become a model and Jeanne took natural photos of me and also did my make up, and taught me how to walk down a catwalk. The results were great.

    Thanks Wannabe!

    Lauren, age 15, Wolverhampton


  • I've never had a real modelling experience, so the time I spent with you and your team was a memory to remember. I really liked the shots that we took during the course of the day and I'm pretty sure everyone else liked theirs too. I especially liked it when we were on the catwalk even though I was a bit shy at the beginning!

    I'd love to have another chance to see your team again, to thank them for boosting my confidence in front of people. I made some great friends and I hope to keep in touch with them forever!

    If only the group had 2 days with us instead of one.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort!

    Daniel, age 17, London


  • Wannabe Workshops has helped me in the understanding of the modelling industry.

    Jeanne and Tiffany made me feel very welcome, they both have a lot of experience and are happy to share their knowledge, telling me lots of things that I didn't know.

    I enjoyed having my hair and make up done, and afterwards a lot of photos were taken in different styles.

    I was able to buy a disc with all my pictures on if I chose to but there was no obligation.

    I would really recommend anybody to attend a day at wannabe workshops.

    Olivia, age 15, Bewdley


  • I had a fantastic day at the Wannabe Workshop, very informative and approachable ladies with a lot of experience.

    I would recommend the day to anyone thats looking to start off in the modelling industry.

    The day was so beneficial to me I feel pumped up and can't wait to get started. The photo-shoot at the end of the day topped it off, have now been provided with a great shot for my portfolio

    Emma, 20 years old, Walsall


  • I went to Wannabe workshops on Saturday the 22nd of January, after finding the website. I really liked the look of what they did, and thought I would contact Jeanne and Tiffany to get a bit more information.

    As soon as I spoke to Jeanne she made me feel really relaxed and she was so friendly, I booked my Wannabe Workshop day that evening. I was a little nervous about going as and I had no Modelling experience and I didn't know what to expect, however the day was exactly what I hoped and more, everyone was so lovely and very professional, yet really fun!!

    I learnt loads about the Modelling Industry, how to present and take care of yourself, what a good portfolio looks like, and shown how to move in front of the camera... plus loads more!! I got some great pictures which I have used to start off my portfolio with.

    I would recommend Wannabe Workshops to anybody, So If you are thinking Modelling, then definitely go to Wannabe Workshops!!

    Holly, 22, Sheffield

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