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Beauty Pageant Training

Introducing beauty pageant training days, covering catwalk/walking training, how to pose, the dos and dont’s of beauty competitions, advise from a current and experienced pageant judge, hair and makeup advise,  practical interview session, the importance of showing off your true personality plus more.


Jeanne Frith and Tiffany Stanford are both ex beauty pageant winners and between them have a wealth of knowledge and experience of how the beauty pageant industry works.


Beauty Pageants Tiffany Won/ Represented.

Face of the Midlands

Miss Beautiful Eyes

Miss British Isles

Miss Universe pageant as Miss Great Britain Universe (Represented the UK)

Miss Scotland in Queen of the World (Represented Scotland)


Tiffany Judged:

Miss Great Britain finals 98, along side the very famous Simon Cowell

Miss Great Britain- Wolverhampton heat

Miss Hawaiian Tropic finals

Miss Spirit of True Beauty finals


Beauty Pageants Jeanne Won:

Miss Birmingham 


Miss Photographic   

Miss Kidderminster

Miss Stourport 

Miss Quarry Bank

Miss Tramp  

Miss Superstore 

Miss Wordsley

Jeanne Judged:

Miss Birmingham
Miss Kidderminster
Miss Quarry Bank

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