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At some point in our lives, whether 18 or 80, we all suffer from tired aching legs. This can happen to any one of us, even if we keep active.

Some people suffer from varicose veins which can be unsightly and uncomfortable. These can be caused by your job i.e. standing for long periods of time. During long periods of inactivity, blood can pool in the veins of the legs, which cause a feeling of heaviness and sometimes cause swollen ankles. If these symptoms persist, this can lead to varicose veins. Prevention is better than cure and support tights are the answer. They apply a gentle pressure all over the leg and this gives a massaging effect, thus ensuring a healthy circulation through the leg. If you are going to use support tights with a denier 14 or higher we suggest you seek medical advice before you use them for the first time.

Befits of wearing support tights

  • Improves circulation.

  • Conceals varicose veins.

  • Can be a prevention to costly surgery.

  • Can help prevent occurrence after surgery.

  • Helpful tips to prevent tired legs.

  • Don’t sit for long periods of time with your legs crossed.

  • Avoid clothing that restricts the circulation of the blood in your legs.

  • Exercise your legs and ankles as much as possible.

  • Whenever possible elevate and rest your legs.

Simple exercises

  • Sitting or lying on the floor, flex the foot.

  • Rotate the ankles.


Spanx is a company which makes support underwear, endorsed by a lot of celebrities such as Gwynet Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker. They make a range of products to make women more confident about their figures as the underwear improves the lines of the body. Spanx underwear has been designed to deal with a multitude of common body problems that many women notice as they get older or put on weight. Spanx products are seamless to add to comfort, are thin, do they don’t add bulk and they are stretchy. They have no large uncomfortable bands, like other support products, that hold in the legs or tummy so tight that other problems arise in other areas. Spanx’s variety of products are available in black, white and nude and can be purchased in many department stores and from

Extract from the book Do You Wannabe a Model?

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