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Twiggy Interview UK Ambassado For Loreal Professionnel

Modelling Can be for the older lady, look how great twiggy looks and the contracts she's still getting booked for.

TWIGGY's career started with her hair, and is still focused on it almost 50 years later. Having begun her modelling career back in 1966 as the short-haired, doe-eyed subject of some very famous hair-salon headshots, she has now inked another contract as the new UK ambassador for L'Oréal Professionnel.

"It all started when I got sent to get a haircut at the House of Leonard. I was just a teenager from Neasden - I had long hair at the time and those drawn-on lashes I became famous for which I wore on non-school days. I mean, I was a mod back then," Twiggy told us. "Leonard saw me and he said: 'I'd like to do a new haircut on you, would you be up for that?'"

Fortunately she was, and Barry Lategan's subsequent headshots of her new short style were put up on the walls of Leonard's salon where they were spotted by a journalist who a week later named Twiggy "The Face of '66" on the cover of the Daily Express.

"So in a way it was the hair that kicked the whole thing off, which is why this partnership with L'Oréal Professionnel is a nice one. Daniel Galvin was the one who did my colour back in 1966 for those famous shots, and he did my colour again for this shoot, so it's come full circle."

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20 JANUARY 2015 Lisa Niven

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